Adventures in Furminating

Princess on the bedFurminating, you ask? Well then you either don’t have a long-haired cat or a dog, or you haven’t been tipped off to this amazing device.

About a month ago, my lovely cat Princess and I moved to a new home. Despite being extremely careful about recording just what was in each box, and packing vital items on the very last day, I managed to lose a few dearly loved things, including some very special mugs that I use for tea, as well as the brush that I use for Princess.

Because I’d been so busy in the days leading up to the move, I hadn’t brushed Princess quite as much as usual. Normally she gets a brushing each morning and evening, and even then her fur can get a bit out of control. So, on the second day in my new home, I headed off to the local pet store to replace her brush.

Big problem! There wasn’t anything even remotely resembling her old brush. So, I bought one that seemed close, and headed on home. Princess let me get two strokes in before she hissed. One more, and she hissed again and ran off. This is not normal Princess behavior, so next day, I headed back to the store to get another brush. Same thing. She hated it, wouldn’t let me brush her.

Meanwhile, her fur was getting in worse and worse shape. Out of desperation, I contacted a number of friends about my problem. Each of the cat owners (or should I say the ladies owned by cats?) made one recommendation, and one recommendation only: get a Furminator!

After doing a bit of research on the web, I finally purchased a Furminator. Now this isn’t just any pet brush. First, it’s fairly expensive (over $30 U.S.). Second, the ads claim that it gets to the undercoat of the pet, and removes amazing amounts of fur. Once home, I gave it a try, and all I can say is, the Furminator truly is amazing!

After just three swipes with the Furminator, I had a small ball of fur sitting next to me on the floor. Problem was, Princess wasn’t any too pleased. She did let me get about five swipes in, but then once again hissed and headed off.

But this time I was determined. I’d seen how much fur could come off in just a few swipes. So, about two weeks ago, I set about on a very deliberate course to get Princess used to the Furminator. Each morning, while she was eating, I would use the Furminator for about five swipes on a different part of her body. Same thing in the evening.

After a few days, her fur began to feel so much better; softer, less bushy, really nice to pet. After about a week she stopped hissing, but still wouldn’t let me use it too long. That was okay. My plan is over a week to hit on every part of her body, and then start over again.

Then, this morning, the breakthrough. I was really tired when I got up, so decided to skip the Furminating and just let her eat in peace. While I was making my tea Princess headed to her dish, stopped, and stared at me, and yelled. I fussed some more with the tea. More yelling. Finally, I bent down, picked up the Furminator and gave her a few swipes. SHE PURRED!

So to all the kitty friends (gorgeous Rufus, frisky LBK, sweet Ally), thanks for your recommendations. And to that beautiful doggie (yes Roswell, I’ve seen the photos after furminating), thanks for sharing your experiences!

Furminating rocks!

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5 Responses to “Adventures in Furminating”

  1. Wow… with a Maine Coon who is over twenty pounds and fluffy (I tell him he’s not fat, just fluffy) I have to look into this! Boo is good about being combed though… I use a teasing comb and it breaks through the clumps of fur fairly well, but then he does get a little peeved.

    Furminator… hmmm.

  2. Sandy AAR says:

    Yeah! So glad Princess is getting on the Furminator bandwagon! It has made a truly amazing difference to Rufus, my long-haired boy. I have a friend who also uses it on her medium-length hair orange tabby. The results there are just as amazing.

  3. Donna, I’m going to have to check into a teasing comb. She still has a few clumps on her belly from the period right before and after the move. I actually cut off a couple.

    Sandy, since I posted this entry, Princess rolled over on the floor with her belly up and stared at me. I brushed her a few times with the Furminator again, and she purred!

  4. LeeB. says:

    LOL!!! What a sweet story!

  5. Susan/DC says:

    LinnieGayl, my sister turned me on to the Furminator. She’s worked her entire career at the Humane Society and for other animal welfare organizations, so I always turn to her for pet advice. Like Donna Lea Simpson, I’ve got a very large Maine coon cat with extremely long, thick fur (good for getting through those Maine winters) and his sister, who is smaller and whose fur is softer but no less thick. In the spring they shed, there is cat fur everywhere, and they frequently cough up hairballs which is Not Fun for them or for me. I generally get them professionally groomed around this time of year (essentially to cut their coats down to a minimum), but then I do maintenace the rest of the yearwith the Furminator to keep their coats under control.