Go Me! Well, Not Really.






This weekend I took part in a duathlon.  That’s the self-congratulatory part.  But I didn’t do the whole thing.  That’s the other part.

So what happened was this: A colleague had signed up to do it with a friend, with the friend biking 10km and my colleague doing the 5km walk.  The friend backed out, and I backed in.  Had I biked 10km before?  No.  Am I used to biking?  Sort of, and where I live is moderately hilly.  So I thought, why not. 

The race day was gorgeous.  We had beautiful weather, and I’d psyched myself up to sore muscles and screaming pain afterwards.  The reality was nothing more than a good workout – which leads me to think I could have pushed myself harder (5km of biking uphill notwithstanding).

I had fun, and I’ve decided I’d be interested in biking more competitively and just working up to something.  Running is not in the cards, but seeing the scenery go by while I push myself?  That, I can do.  The duathlon I did is part of a New Zealand government initiative called REAL – Regular Exercise, Active Lives, designed to encourage women to make regular exercise a part of their lives.  As far as I’m concerned, it worked.

Have you ever done races, walks, or bikes for charity or just for fun?  Any triathletes or ironmen here?

– Jean AAR

7 thoughts on “Go Me! Well, Not Really.

  1. LinnieGayl

    Congrats, Jean! That’s a great, healthy thing to do. I’ve never done any organized walks, races, or runs (hate running). I also like the idea of the REAL program.

  2. Kara

    Congrats Jean…I have participated in some 5K walks…but not the running part. Some were for charity and some were just community walks. I really enjoyed them…and will probably enter some more.

    I think you should go for it!!

  3. xina

    I’ve done quite a few organized walks. My daughter wants me to do a run with her, but I don’t know. We’ll have to see. I would rather bike if I had to choose.
    Congratulations Jean!

  4. Susan/DC

    I did the Avon 3-day 50-mile walk to raise money for breast cancer research several years ago. Getting in shape was hard and took a lot of time (my husband still remembers how I needed naps after the practice walks each weekend), but I’m very glad I did it because it was for such a good cause. I only wish I’d kept up the exercise regime, so I encourage you to keep up the biking — you’ll be glad you did.

  5. Katie Mack

    Congrats Jean! That’s awesome!

    I ran a 5K race about a month ago, and my family, friends, and I are currently training for the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco in May, which is a 12K. I’m determined to finish it, but S.F. is known for steep hills and that scares me.

  6. Jean Wan

    The thing about organized races that makes me a wee leery is when there’s no fundraising involved. But considering NZ is the third most obese Western country, they certainly feel it’s time to do something about. Kudos to everyone who does it regularly. (12K run? 50mile walk? Crikey.)

  7. Bernardo Stucki

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