I’m Still Lost

abch-300x100-0057Picking up on Lynn’s TV theme, I must admit I enjoy my TV time, probably way too much as a matter of fact.  Like many others, I’ve faithfully watched every season of LOST until I’m nearly desperate for answers.  I almost gave up on the show last year, but convinced myself that with with just one more season, I could hang in there a little longer simply for the answers. 

If you haven’t watched LOST this season and plan to, the rest of this piece may contain spoilers, so please consider this a spoiler alert.  With ten episodes left, I’m worried I won’t get all the answers I want.  Matter of fact, with every episode, I only have more questions.  So far this season, the plot point I’ve considered the biggest reveal is that the numbers continuously repeated throughout every season represent the various characters – but not all of them. 

Also, I like the sideways timeline, but I don’t see how it will resolve the story without erasing everything that’s happened since season one.  I’m most disappointed with the fact that Sayid appears to be evil.  I do so like him and he was always my favorite character.  Plus, I want to know what happened to Desmond – again, another of my favorite characters.   While I’m not overly concerned that Locke may be evil or that he’s the smoke monster or the man in black, I do wonder if Ben will end up on the side of good before it’s all over.   

Anyone else still hanging in there with LOST?

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Lost

  1. Kanoelani

    Glad to know there is another LOST fan here at AAR. Midway through the series (Season 3) it was a rough go, but things certainly picked up when the producers decided that Season 6 would be the last.

    I am also enjoying the side-flash…but the on-island storyline is what truly has my attention. The island mythology is riveting, the numbers, the others, the lighthouse, the temple, Jacob, the Black Rock.

    Are Jacob and “Un-Locke” two sides of the same person….light and dark? Or two separate entities? When will we see Richard Alpert again? He seems to have lost his cool and calm demeanor after Jacob’s demise. I would love to see his flashback (hopefully coupled with the Black Rock arrival). Did Sawyer turn to the dark side? Will Sun and Jin reunite happily? Kate left the temple with the others who decided to follow Un-Locke….but she did not seem to zombie-like. The look on Claire’s face when Kate told her that she had taken Aaron off the island was totally wicked! Will Charles Whidmore and Desmond have a role to play in future episodes? Will one of the Losties (maybe Jack with Hurley’s help) take over for Jacob? Will Iliana help save the day? Ben seems to be on the “good side” for now, but time will tell.

    As you mentioned in your post, so much is still in question and so little time to resolve it all.

    What has added to my enjoyment of Lost are the podcasts that have sprung up during the last few seasons. The Lost Revisited Now, Jacob’s Cabin, and The Transmission, are but just a few of them.

    So, with a big yes, I am hanging in there with LOST.

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  2. Sue S

    I gave up long ago. Too many of the characters were the same “type”, so it was hard to tell them apart. And, really, it was all too utterly utterly, as my father used to say.

    And I really LIKE this kind of speculative show. usually.

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  3. Pam P

    Going to be interesting to finally see how it all ends, who ends up redeemed and who not as to the key characters. And I’m now wondering more about Hurley, too, more flashbacks to him meeting the others and helping them after he won that lottery, like giving Locke the job where he meets Rose, for instance, all the businesses he owns, and those lottery numbers appearing to match those on Jacob’s wheel.

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