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200px-Cinderella_castle_2008Last year we made a decision not to take a family vacation in order to save money.  This year, however, it’s time to start planning.  The problem is that we know when we want to go, we just can’t decide where to go. 

I’m all for Disney World.  Huge fan.  HUGE.  I always have been.  The problem I’ve encountered is convincing my husband and two sons that it’s the place we need to go.  I thought they’d be all on board for it, but I guess the whole Cinderella Castle thing is a turn off.  Right now I playing up Disney’s Animal Kingdom and all the dinosaur and pirate adventures.  Plus, I even tossed SeaWorld into the mix to stir up a little interest. 

The boys have voted for Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, a place where we’ve vactioned before.  Since they’re five and eight, it’s really the only vacation they can remember, so I can’t really blame them for trying – I just have to convince them that Disney is something we need to try. 

My husband is all for the nature vacation.  So far he’s mentioned the Great Smokey Mountains or Georgia’s barrier Islands, mainly Tybee or St. Mary’s. While I like the idea, I think it’s better to do Disney while the boys are young, before they dismiss even the possibility of getting anywhere close to Mickey Mouse. 

Ultimately, I’ll be the one to book the vacation.  Most likely I’ll be able to convince them Disney’s the ticket, however, I don’t want to be completely autocratic.  Regardless, a decision has to be made soon in order to book.  Any suggestions?

AAR Heather

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  1. LeeB.

    I’ve never had a desire to go to any Disney location or a golf resort. But a nature vacation sounds good. And you can always visit Dollywood in the Great Smoky Mountains to get a flavor of a theme park. And of course, there’s always my favorite place to vacation: Europe. ;)

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  2. AAR Heather

    LeeB – the Golf resort part of the name is very misleading. I’m not a golf person at all, but my husband is. Plus there are things for the whole family and the boys loved it. I’d like to go again, but they need to do something besides that this year. I love Europe, especially Italy, but that wouldn’t be a vacation for me dragging around two hellions;-) Maybe when they’re pre-teens.

    EmilyW – My husband mentioned a Disney cruise the other night, but I guess I tuned him out. However, that’s actually a really good idea. It’ll have to go on the list of possibilities.

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  3. maeb

    My grown daughters (in their twenties) go to Disney every year with their boyfriends. They love it. Your boys might like Epcot. But you might also consider Universal Studios–that is supposed to be exciting as well.

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  4. Blythe

    I am in the middle of a similar process. And with four kids (plus husband) everyone has an opinion. I think your boys would LOVE Disneyworld though. It definitely isn’t all girly. It’s actually on my shortlist too, although when I suggested it my husband said, “Haven’t we been there and done that?” Sure…in 1996, when we only had two kids.

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  5. CindyS

    Was going to say with Universal Studies and there is another one set around movies also, is there not? They are all near each other so you could Disney one day and Universal on another. There’s also a safari place (real popular name) that is great – remember going there when I was 17. Also, Kennedy space station – just depends on how much traveling you want to do while on vacation.


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