Winter Staples

soft_socks_relaxingI know that I’ve said it before, but just to bring the point home, I’m going to say it yet again – I hate cold weather.  I know hate is a strong word, but come January and February, that’s what I honestly begin to feel toward the Winter months.  However, to make the cold bearable, there are certain things I must have, or what I like to refer to as my winter staples.

The first of these staples are my warm, pink, fuzzy socks.  By the end of Winter, they’ll basically have to be condemned, but right now they’re still going strong and keeping my toes warm and toasty.  Just the way I like ‘em. I also must add that my husband hates these socks, even though he bought them for me and buys me new ones every season.  My second favorite winter commodity are my multiple pairs of flannel pajamas.  In combination with my fuzzy socks, it makes quite the sexy combination – yea, right.  However, I could care less because, again, I’m warm and toasty and that’s all that matters.  In the winter, my bed becomes a very important place to me.  I love my thick sheets and a velour blanket that I purchased years ago.  They make lazy days inside completely worth it. 

And finally, the last of my winter staples is hot tea.  Although I’m a Southern girl, I’m not much of a tea drinker, except for in the Winter.  There’s almost nothing better than curling up with my blanket, in my flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks, with a nice cup of hot tea on a cold, Winter’s night.

Other than thoughts of Spring, what gets you through Winter?

11 thoughts on “Winter Staples

  1. Tee

    This was fun reading because anyone who lives thru the cold months of winter understands everything you’re saying, Heather. Unbelievably, this season has been not bad, considering how past ones were. Our neighbors to the south of Michigan have not been having the best of weather, but there hasn’t been much snow here yet (and I hope will not be).

    As to what gets me thru winter–on cold evenings, I look forward to sprawling on the couch with my faux fur throw to read or watch TV. Not much reading these days, so the TV has taken front and center during the evenings. Then our Lab usually jumps up right next to me and makes herself comfortable until my legs lock and I have to move them. I don’t cook much anymore, but the cold weather brings the cook in me out. I enjoy it so much more during the winter months with the warm oven going. I don’t like slippers, so I too have multiple pairs of warm socks that I wear over my regular socks just like slippers. When my feet are warm, so am I pretty much.

    But, like you, I’m anxious for spring now. Enough is enough. It’s getting harder to pretend that winter is only as long as all the other three seasons when we know it feels like half the year. I’m looking forward to only light jackets outside and not having to make sure every crack in the house is sealed against the elements. I want to be able to walk the dog and not have to bundle up so much that I can barely walk and have to be careful about whether there’s any hidden ice on the sidewalks. I’m so ready…

  2. Kara

    Well, going through our 4th snowstorm in the last 3 weeks…I have had to have a few staples around…my big fuzzy slippers, my snuggie, and my cappuccino. Ohhh…and of course, my books…both my rereads and my new ones. I have such a huge TBR stack at home…makes me feel all warm inside to look at them…LOL.

  3. Victoria S

    Heather, for me it’s comfy warm pants. every year i go on search for the perfect winter house pants. They have to be thick enough to keep me warm, thinner than regular sweats and a color that I can live with until March comes. I also drink tea in the winter in my cracked tea cup ( I don’t think the mug is gonna last another winter). I love it when everyone is safely home in their beds, I;I’ve got my favorite tea at just the right temp, and a book on my lap. Ahhhhh ambrosia :-)

  4. Tee

    Thanks for reminding me, Victoria—I love my sweats in the winter. If I don’t think about it, I even have gone to dinner in them before I realize it. Love those sweats in the winter. It’s like living in pajama bottoms all day long, staying really warm.

  5. Sue S

    Upgrade those sheets to microFLEECE. Saw ‘em, bought ‘em (had a gift cert), tried ‘em, and omigosh. Oh, wow. Ah, mmmmmmmmmm. :) (JC Penney, not very spendy.)

    My fuzzy sox come in multiple pairs, usually infused with aloe from a chain store with the initials B&BW.

  6. AAR Heather

    @ Tee – a Lab would be nice to cuddle with. We plan to start looking for one when it gets a little warmer, which I’m really excited about.

    @Kara – I’ve only had to deal with one snow storm, but it’s enough. We usually only get one a year and I’m fine with that.

    @Victoria S – I should have mentioned my sweats. I spilled clorox on my favorite pair last week, but I’m wearing them anyway.

    @Sue S – I’ll have to try the microfleece. I’m always looking for ideas to make winter a little more comfortable.

    I caught myself checking’s March weather predictions just to give myself hope of a warm future.

  7. Corinna

    Gosh, I must be the only person on the planet who not only enjoys but treasures winter. I love being able to brush my horses down without sweat stinging my eyes, relish the delicious feeling of snuggling on the couch with hot chocolate and a pair of velour pajama bottoms, love the way my energy level stays high rather than being sapped by muggy heat. I see that our temps will be flirting with the 70s down here in south central Texas in the next few days, and I know that winter is probably close to being over for us. And that actually makes me sad. Here, winter is the time to not only enjoy a warm house, but to enjoy the outdoors as well. Here, the seasons are NOT of even lengths; summer does last for a good half of the year or more. And summers like the one we had in 2009, with 66 days of 100 degrees or more and heat indexes often near 120—well, there’s not much to enjoy about that. I bid our lovely winter weather goodbye with a great deal of regret, knowing I’ll spend April through October dreaming of cooler days.

  8. Sue S

    @Corinna — I like *normal* Texas winter weather just fine, and for many of the same reasons you mention. However, here in North Texas we have had a heckuva wet, messy, cold winter — 6 degrees one day, just last week the most snow since they’ve been keeping records, far more snowfalls that usual — and another one possible next week! We’ve been more or less (mostly more) muddy since October. My horses are downright huffy at how I am managing their world (they are apparently convinced that I control the weather — at least when it is not to their liking) and not all that appreciative of the grooming which helps their coats do the job.

    I may regret thinking this once we reach July-August, but right now I am more than ready for this winter to be over! :) (And enjoying my luverly microfleece sheets!)

  9. Corinna

    Sue S–I grew up in the Texas Panhandle (my family is all still there) and cold snowy weather IS normal Texas winter weather if you ask that part of the state! LOL I miss those real winters. I know the Dallas area and above is getting more than they are used to, though, and I do sympathize. If I could take it from you and bring it south, I would! We’ve been getting all the moisture everyone else is getting–it’s just that here, it keeps coming in the form of cold rain and foot-deep mud, and at this point, I’d rather it feeze solid so I could at least walk on top of it. But the cold…bring it on, baby!

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