Another Adorable Cat Video


As a companion to the precious video Jane posted below, here’s another in the classic Maru the Cat oeuvre on YouTube.  He is the star of many videos, but this one is my favorite.  Just goes to show you don’t have to be young and cute to be adorable.

-Sandy AAR

4 thoughts on “Another Adorable Cat Video

  1. Katie Mack

    Very cute. Blue does stuff like this. The first time he did it I tore apart my apartment looking for the little bugger. Thankfully now I’ve learned his tricks.

  2. Tee

    I have a dog, but my daughter owns both species. I’m fascinated with watching her cat, especially when we’re trying to find her in our house when she visits. She too has found the strangest places to hide and I’d love to have a camera present just to see how she maneuvers those doors to open. That quote about dogs having owners and cats having staff could not be more true in her case. I’m going to forward this clip to my daughter so she can enjoy it too.

  3. CindyS

    Pulling out the top drawer – had me laughing out loud – just looking at his face says it all – why are you disturbing me!!?

  4. AAR Heather

    Too cute! I’ve been thinking about getting a cat, so maybe I’ll have to share this and use it as a propaganda tool.

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