Daily Archives: October 29, 2012

Cold Weather Foods

LinnieGayl’s  comfort food blog and the recent colder weather started to remind me of dishes I typically eat during the winter.  One of the first dishes I turn to is beans.  With my parent’s southern roots, even living in the west, I grew up on a lot of pots of beans.  Pinto beans, and great northern beans with a ham bone were big favorites of my mother and I don’t really remember those dishes being seasonal.  However when it turned cold my mother turned to a big pot of chili or stew.

I don’t do the stew but always turn to chili.  In fact, I am probably going to make chili today.  I don’t have any special recipe and to be honest sometimes my dish is good and sometime it is average.  So I thought maybe I need a more definite recipe instead of a little bit of this and that.

The Today Show had a chili cook-off and I am just not sure about the three top contenders? Here are the ingredients: Continue reading