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Cycling in the city

bike-fashionConfession: I’m completely lazy.  If I do something, it’s because I enjoy it, not because I feel I should or it’s good for me.  So when it comes to physical activity, I have to find something I like and enjoy, or else I won’t do it.

Considering how expensive public transit is getting in T.O., and considering I refuse to drive downtown, the most sensible decision that combines transport and fitness is cycling.  And I figure if it’s 2 hours round trip, that’s a pretty excellent fitness regime. In the month or so since I’ve gotten back into it, here are some random cycling notes:

  • It’s scary.  It’s soooooooooooo scary.  Toronto is not the most cycling friendly city in the world, and when you have to cross a 16-lane highway into the bargain, it just complicates things on a whole other level.
  • Scariest part of all?  The pedestrians.  And the other cyclers.   Continue reading

Food Network

cupcake wars I have been smugly proud of the fact that I limit my TV viewing. I have certain shows I watch and when I am in the mood for a television fix, they are readily available on the DVR. However, the last few weeks my DVR has been a waste land. Many favorites have not yet started. Their summer substitutes have already ended. Enter Food Network. One evening while sitting on my sofa, clicking through literally a hundred channels looking for something to watch, I stumbled upon Cupcake Wars. On this show, cupcake bakeries compete for an opportunity to cater a high profile event and win $10,000.00 dollars. Let the yummy battle begin! Continue reading

On vacation in Southern Bavaria, part 2

12Sta249The best part of my recent trip was a visit to Rose Island or Roseninsel, as it’s called in German, in the Starnberger See. There is only the one small islet in the whole of the rather big lake, and it’s a truly magical place.

The first people settled there in the Stone Age, and from one point at the shore, you can see the remains of their stilt houses in the water (when it’s clear enough). I was fortunate enough to be able to see them, but taking a good picture didn’t work!

King Maximilian II of Bavaria bought the island from a local fisherman, and used it as a summer retreat for himself and his family. Continue reading


Every four years, I really dislike this time of year. Oh, the weather is still wonderful as it is finally cooling down. I enjoy the Fall colors too. It is the constant bombardment of politics that drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely grateful that I have the privilege of voting. And I do believe in free speech.

The comments that bother me are not from the candidates, or on television or the newspaper. I can control that. It is from people that I know. And political comments pop up anywhere. I am following several people on Twitter and all of a sudden I am getting Tweets about politicians. It is the same on Facebook too. I have no problem with people stating that they really like so and so stand on women’s rights. But instead they phrase it as “any woman who votes for X is an idiot.” Or when talking about the economy they state “I can’t believe anyone would vote for that ___hole.” Comments like that take me back, especially if they are from people I know.

Four years ago I worked with one co-worker who sent commentaries using the company’s e-mail about the ruin of life as we know it, if one individual was elected. She finally ended up sending it to the wrong person and is no longer working there.

Did you know that talking politics at work can get you fired?  Check out this article on AOL or this older one on Bloomberg Businessweek.

And while you think you’re following all the rules by not talking about it in the workplace, it is a good bet that you are friends with your co-workers, even your boss on Facebook or that they follow you on Twitter. If you phrase your comments wrong, you just might be insulting a friend.

What are your feelings about this?

– Leigh

A Reason To Smile!

Pets are wonderful and they definitely add joy to our lives. Hope these videos make you smile!


I don’t care what they say.  It is more than puppy love!

Who put that ball in the pool?  Don’t they know I just got my hair and nails done?

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Earworms: The Kids Film Version


Long story short, I have kids and have spent many years going to children’s movies (and then watching the DVDs – repeatedly). These are not the kid movies my parents took me to. They are not just smarter and more clever – they have much better music. Or at least, they have music I like to listen to. My latest earworm has been The Travelling Song from the film Madagascar 2. Sung by the extremely talented it has haunted me for the past several days.

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Fall TV


My fall TV viewing has already begun. NBC got the excellent Grimm off to an early start back on August 13. Sophomore years always frighten me as they can be quite the letdown (I’m looking at you Falling Skies) but thus far Grimm Season 2 has proven as darkly magical as Season 1. It’s on a brief break until September 28th but this show is on my must record/watch list for the year.

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