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Pet Choices

Labrador-Retriever-PuppiesWe have a new addition to our family – a little black lab named Millie.  I say she’s little, but she’s already reached 34 pounds at 3 1/2 months of age.  She’s precious and smart and loves to play. 

We waited a long time to add a new dog to the family.  Two years ago we lost our family pet, a chocolate lab named Chloe, and I couldn’t stand the idea of replacing her for a long time.  I’d had her since college when my husband, then boyfriend, gave her to me as a gift. We had to put the decision off a bit longer when we decided to move and needed to wait until we were settled before adding to the family.  In May, we were finally ready.  Continue reading

World Cup Novice

USAThis is a completely gratuitous post and I’m slightly embarrassed to even post it.  Slightly.  At least not enough to keep me from posting. 

Until the United States v. England soccer match I had never before watched an entire professional soccer game.    However, when my husband sat down to watch that game, I decided to spend a little time with him and watch it too and I have to admit I’m certainly glad I did.  I’m hooked.  Matter of fact, yesterday I watched bits and pieces of three games and today I plan to watch at least two.  Continue reading

Summer Flowers

lacecap_hydrangea_bluewave2I had so many flower and shrub plans for my new and unadorned yard this Spring and Summer.  I planned to plant a fig tree, blueberry bushes, tea olives, and gardenias.  I even had plans to bargain my way into getting my husband to build some raised beds.  So far, absolutely none of this has happened. 

I have potted a few plants – geraniums, two huge Boston ferns, an asparagus fern, and some mint.  The one thing I actually dug a hole for this year and planted in my barren yard is a very pretty blue lacecap hydrangea.  I saw one of these last year for the first time while walking through Callaway Gardens and instantly fell in love.  I’ve always been a hydrangea fan, but these are my favorite because they look so simple and delicate.   Continue reading

Busy, Busy, Busy!

200px-Colorful_spring_gardenI’m furloughed today and I’m actually okay with it.  It couldn’t be a better day (high 71, sunny, flowers beginning to bloom, etc.) and sometimes you just simply need a day to unwind.  I don’t have anything fun planned, but I do intend to play “catch-up”. 

The last two weeks have been absolutely wild.  Between countless baseball practices, grading deadlines and report cards, what seems like endless doctor’s appointments, and attempting to teach an intern as well as 120 high school students, I’m bordering on giddy about my non-paid leave.  Continue reading

The Strange Things We Do

mayorandsnakeI’m going to admit something  I probably shouldn’t.  I love small town festivals and my very favorite is the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo in Opp, Alabama.  Yep, a festival dedicated to rattlesnakes.  Quite odd, but certainly enjoyable.  Now, it’s not the rattlesnakes that I enjoy – it’s the arts and crafts, food, music, and other activities that encourage me to make the trip back home the first weekend of April every year.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year due to prior commitments and I’m extremely disappointed since it’s the festival’s 50th Anniversary. Continue reading

I’m Still Lost

abch-300x100-0057Picking up on Lynn’s TV theme, I must admit I enjoy my TV time, probably way too much as a matter of fact.  Like many others, I’ve faithfully watched every season of LOST until I’m nearly desperate for answers.  I almost gave up on the show last year, but convinced myself that with with just one more season, I could hang in there a little longer simply for the answers.  Continue reading

Planning Time

200px-Cinderella_castle_2008Last year we made a decision not to take a family vacation in order to save money.  This year, however, it’s time to start planning.  The problem is that we know when we want to go, we just can’t decide where to go. 

I’m all for Disney World.  Huge fan.  HUGE.  I always have been.  The problem I’ve encountered is convincing my husband and two sons that it’s the place we need to go.  I thought they’d be all on board for it, but I guess the whole Cinderella Castle thing is a turn off.  Right now I playing up Disney’s Animal Kingdom and all the dinosaur and pirate adventures.  Plus, I even tossed SeaWorld into the mix to stir up a little interest.  Continue reading

Winter Staples

soft_socks_relaxingI know that I’ve said it before, but just to bring the point home, I’m going to say it yet again – I hate cold weather.  I know hate is a strong word, but come January and February, that’s what I honestly begin to feel toward the Winter months.  However, to make the cold bearable, there are certain things I must have, or what I like to refer to as my winter staples.

Continue reading

Wasted Weekend

sick pictureBeing sick stinks, especially when it’s your kids and when it ruins your weekend.  On Thursday, my youngest came home from school sick with a stomach virus.  From that point on, it has been shared by every member of my family except my husband.  Today, my oldest is home sick and I’m still recovering and missing another day of work.

Instead of doing what we’d planned for the weekend(visiting family, playing, and heading down to Destin, Florida for the day), we ended up stuck at home, inside, laying in bed, and not feeling like doing a great deal of anything.  The boys and I have survived on popsicles, Gatorade, and Sprite.   I can’t even get the little guys to do chicken soup.  I can’t wait for a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee, and the ability to move without getting dizzy and sweating.  Also, I want my little boys to act like little boys again – loud and boisterous.

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My Newest Favorite Show

[youtube][/youtube]If you haven’t been able to catch it so far this season, then I absolutely  must recommend ABC’s Modern Family.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best written comedies that I’ve seen on the small screen in a long, long time (excluding CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, which keeps me laughing every week).  Modern Family follows three families that comprise one large extended family unit and all the hilarity that ensues trying to blend the mix.  It appears to be a truly “modern” family and I love it. Continue reading