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A Reason To Smile!

Pets are wonderful and they definitely add joy to our lives. Hope these videos make you smile!


I don’t care what they say.  It is more than puppy love!

Who put that ball in the pool?  Don’t they know I just got my hair and nails done?

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Conversations With Coo

cooA previous post was about how difficult it has been adding a spoiled, anxious, African Grey parrot to our household. He’s tricky, he’s vicious, he’s latched onto me like a deranged stalker, and yet – he’s the best present my husband has given me in years. Although our introduction to parrot parenting has been problematic, I would recommend African Grey ownership to anyone who enjoys having toddlers around, but doesn’t want to deal with them growing up and needing college tuition. If you enjoy the whimsy of an insane conversation at midnight, if you like to laugh at animal antics, or if you want a pet companion that can talk back to you, an African Grey will fit the bill. Continue reading

Meeting an old pet

12Fam075On a recent visit to my brother’s house, one family member I was looking forward to meeting was Orpheus the cat, commonly known as ‘Orfi’. My brother and sister-in-law got him from a shelter when they first moved into a shared apartment when they still were students. He was about a year old then and had spent all his life indoors. He was also extremely active and never settled down for a cuddle with a stranger. Continue reading

The Care and Feeding of our Aging Pets: Part 2


I awoke this morning at 3 a.m. to loud shrieks and pitiful wails. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to find my cat Princess. These weren’t her usual “I want to play” cries that I hear at least one or two nights a week. She sounded like she was suffering. Turned out not so much, unless you count wanting fresh canned cat food as suffering (and yes, that’s Princess licking her lips at about 3:05 a.m. this morning).

A year ago I posted here about the changes I was dealing with due to Princess’s advancing age. The past year has brought even more changes. As a result of some ups and downs in her health, we’re learning to deal with a number of new routines. But happily, Princess is still with me, is still active, and on balance has had a lot more good than bad days.

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A Passion for Animals

I have volunteered at various times with different organizations, but this week I signed up for something new – fostering for a dog rescue group.   I have cocker spaniels, and my previous dogs were cocker spaniels, so I signed up with a rescue group dealing in that breed.

Saturday, I told a co-worker of my decision.  She is the one who inspired me – she already fosters.  She shared with me that she just had to turn down a puppy because her dog is recovering from an injury.  Before I knew it, the words popped out of my mouth and I volunteered to foster her.

The situation was urgent because the individual that found her had to keep the puppy separate from her own dog, fearing that her dog would inflict harm. She actually took her to the shelter but was afraid she would be euthanized, and the next day picked her up. So once I called the organization things happened quickly.

So here it is Sunday night and I have an adorable three-month-old part Husky puppy in my house.  She is smart, or I am a wonderful teacher – though in actuality someone probably already worked a little with her on sitting.  Because within five minutes she was sitting on her own for treats.  And my dogs, while not enamored yet, are not hostile. I think the biggest issue will be not to lose my heart. Continue reading

Living With Coo the Parrot

DSCN9122 A few months ago my husband gave me the wonderful and terrible gift of a twelve year old African Grey parrot. It belonged to a client that advised my tender-hearted honey that with a new baby in their house, the bird would have to be put down. When hubby approached me about adopting the bird, at first I was adamant – No birds in the house. No way. Never. They’re filthy. But he appealed to my pet-loving side and I finally, reluctantly, agreed to yet another animal in the house as long as it didn’t become my responsibility. It was not going to be my bird!
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You Were Always on My Mind

I [youtube][/youtube]

I am the sole caregiver for my pets, so if something happens to me their well-being is in jeopardy, since my two brothers are not dog lovers. While I am in good health, accidents or the unexpected can occur. I had a caregiver in mind, but circumstances have changed. Continue reading

Pets and their Toys

IMG_0074Each  time I stock up on food for my pretty cat Princess (yes, that’s her in the photo), I have to stop and stare at all of the fun toys I just know she’ll love. And all too often I give in and buy her the latest and greatest thing in cat toys.

Sometimes Princess will actually express a bit of interest in her new toy. But more often than not, she’ll just turn up her nose and walk away from my latest offering. Soon, I’ll relegate it to the pile of toys in her cat carrier.

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