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The Infinity Scarf: Yes or No?

Sometimes I become obsessed with the strangest things, and at the moment it’s infinity scarves. Do I own any? No, not a single one. But I’m considering. In fact, I’ve been looking at so many online that wherever I go on the web my “pop-up” ads all now feature infinity scarves in a variety of colors and fabrics.

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I wear crocs from the moment the last of the snow and ice clears in the spring until the first snow flies again in the fall. These comfy, open air shoes are easy to put on and take off, come in a variety of colors and can be worn with practically anything. That is what I love about them – they are just so darn convenient.

I started with one modest pair of taupe crops. They could be worn with most things and were perfect for “hasty” days when I just didn’t have the time to put an outfit together. That lasted three years. Visiting the crocs store this summer was my downfall. I got a pink pair. Then purple. Black. Now my “need” includes a pair of blue crocs. Since it has started to show signs of winter where I am I will hold off on that purchase till summer. Still, I look in my closet and cringe when I realize I have outfits that simply can’t be worn without those blue crocs :-)

Do you wear crocs or do you have another favorite style of easy wear shoe?

– Maggie AAR

I Wear My Sunglasses


No, this isn’t a favorite song and you don’t need to wear your sunglasses at night, but it is a public service reminder to wear your sunglasses during the day.  Most of us are very conscious of using sunscreen but do you always remember to protect your eyes?

Recently I went in for my yearly eye exam for new contacts and since several older members in my family developed macular degeneration (usually an age-related condition) I asked if there were any preventative measures I could do to head it off.  I was informed that one potential cause is sun damage. However,  I did a little research and found conflicting information on this. Continue reading

Search for the Perfect Handbag

I’m an admitted handbag junkie. I own probably fifty, with ten or so being heirloom bags that I’ll pass on to my daughter. Unfortunately I hate them all. For years I let fashion determine what type of bag I carried and presently I have a closet full of very nice bags that I refuse to use. Now I’m searching for the perfect bag, and so far have been completely stymied. Continue reading

Stocking up your spring wardrobe


One sure sign of spring for me is the fact that all of a sudden I don’t just walk by shop windows (which have been decorated in bright colors for more than a month now), I actually look at them to gauge what will be in fashion this spring and summer and what of that might actually suit me.

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A non-rainbow wardrobe

stock-photo-fashion-blue-clothing-rack-display-59505802I was looking through my wardrobe the other day, looking for Chapters clothing. Our tres cher bookstore ordains that employees only blue, black, or white tops, paired with navy, black, or khaki bottoms. (Although now that’s it’s December, we can wear red.)

Anyway, I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I decided to do what I’ve wanted to do for ages: I organized my wardrobe according to colour.

And I found that I have a disgusting – no, positively ridiculous amount of blue.

Blue dresses. Blue skirts. Blue turtlenecks, button-downs, T-shirts, tunics, shirt dresses – geez, my wardrobe is blue. I also have black, tan, beige/white, and a smattering of red. And, like, two articles that could count as green. Otherwise, I’m blue. And it’s not even, say, navy blue and royal blue and sky blue and periwinkle all mixed in together. It’s navy blue. Continue reading

I (heart) Vintage Nightgowns!

Vintage Nightgown

Vintage Nightgown

I never considered buying intimates from a thrift store, but one day I was wondering through Goodwill and suddenly – there it was. Someone else had picked it out and decided against it, leaving it hanging on a shelf full of dishes or some such. It was an old nightgown, about six feet long, bright fuschia, and made of that old Dupont Nylon that feels like olive oil slipping over your fingers. It was soft, heavy and delicious and I had to have it. So I took it home and laundered it and wore it every time it was clean for many years. Since that find I always seek out vintage nightgowns like that, and can normally tell at a glance if the pajama rack has anything interesting.
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Louboutin Lion Pumps: Thumbs waaaaaay down.

Christian-Louboutin-Lion-Paw-ShoesSo Blake Lively was spotted wearing these new Louboutin pumps. My immediate reaction: Reeling in horror.

But why? I thought about it, and to a large extent my disgust is not only purely personal, it’s also highly illogical. I mean, it’s not as if I’m particularly animal friendly. I like animals, but I’m not vegan or vegetarian. And I love real leather, even though I can’t afford it.

What I don’t like is fur, or any kind of leather or imitation leather that actually looks like it came from an animal. So nix the crocodile skin and the cheetah print, and absolutely don’t put me near fur. Which is incredibly hypocritical of me, really, because it’s not like real leather is any “better” than real croc skin. But I just don’t like to be obviously wearing a dead animal.

Which brings me to the Louboutin Alex pumps. I can understand the appeal of such shoes. They stand out. They’re unusual. They’re a status symbol. Maybe stick in a metaphor about prowling in the jungle, or hunting or something. I’ll even go out on a limb and suggest that it could be (maybe) a huge tongue-in-cheek (tongue-in-foot?) endeavour for Louboutin, along the lines of “Hey, you want animal? We’ll give you animal. Flaunt it, baby, flaunt it.”

But I just can’t get over the appearance. Sorry, even if I could flaunt these shoes, I wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

What’s your opinion on these shoes?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?

– Jean AAR

“Does she or doesn’t she?”

nice hairWomen in America spend a lot of money on their hair. And whether they go to a salon or do it at home, a whopping 75% color their locks. For years, I went to a salon and paid someone else to cut, color, and highlight my hair. I’d go every ten to twelve weeks and each time, it would cost over $100. And each time, when I’d return home, my husband would mutter about paying so much for something so easy to do. (He’s cut his own hair for years.)

So, a couple of years ago, I decided I’d do it all myself. I read online about how to cut hair and experimented carefully first with all over color and then with highlights. Now, I’ve got it down… and I’ve never liked the way my hair looks more!

I find the coloring easier to do than the cutting. To color my hair and add highlights, I use Loreal’s two step product Couleur Experte Express in Brioche (described on the box as a light golden brown.)  It’s a nice product and easy to use. (I buy it on Amazon for $12.) I have brownish red hair naturally and am just starting to see a few grey hairs. The coloring/highlighting takes about an hour from start to finish and leaves my hair feeling strong and smooth.

The cutting is a bit trickier. I have fine hair I layer. The hairs in front are the easiest to cut — I pull my “bangs” in front of my eyes, brush them so they’re straight, and put a piece of tape over them. Then I cut along the bottom of the tape. This leaves the hair at the sides longer than that in front. (I usually chunk out little pieces for a less clean line.)  I do the same process with the other two layers of my hair but without the tape. I pull the hair to the front of my face, brush it straight, and cut it in a straight line.

One nice thing about cutting my own hair is that I trim it far more often than I would if I had to pay to do so. This keeps the split ends at bay and also makes my hair less likely to frizz in North Carolina’s humid weather.

It’s working for me and I love saving all that money! How about you? Do you do your own hair? Got any tips to share if you do?

– Dabney AAR