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World War 2 romances are a favorite of mine and I tend to pick up anything set in this time period. With this particular novel I was excited to explore a piece of history heretofore undiscovered by me Ė the part of the Amish in this important conflict. I hadnít really thought about what it would be like to be a German speaking pacifist during a time when your country was at war with Germany. In a word, it was complicated.


Unbreakable introduces us to Jessica Harper and Gabe Garcia, young people who have known each other most of their lives. After her mother's death, Jessica's father moved with his young daughter to a small town in California. He threw himself into his career, leaving Jessica in the care of the family across the street. From the time she was four, Jessica has considered the Garcias her family. We meet Jessica just before her high school graduation. She's content with her life, excited to start college and hopefully a career in broadcast journalism. She tries hard not to think of the feelings she harbors for Gabe Garcia. He's a football player for a university in Arizona. They once shared a kiss, and Jessica has been wanting more ever since.


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