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Iím not a huge fan of any story that has to do with a commitment-phobic character. They always seem to dance around the issue of love (which is at the heart of every romance novel) and too often this drags out the book for another superfluous fifty pages or so. Reading The Marriage Charm was the first time Iíve found myself annoyed by a commitment-phobic man running toward marriage.


Suzanne Brockmann has been recommended to me by print and audiobook enthusiasts alike. It seems that almost every romance reader I know is a fan of at least one of her books. So, when I learned that The Unsung Hero, book 1 in Ms. Brockmann's wildly popular Troubleshooters series, had been re-released with narrators Patrick Lawlor and Melanie Ewbank at the helm, I jumped at the chance to listen to it.


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