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Blue Eyed Stranger is an emotional journey for Billy Wright and Martin Deng as they struggle through individual challenges and the hurdles of a new relationship. Billy’s depression and Martin’s closet anxiety are fully third and fourth main characters in the book. Beecroft does an exceptional job of sharing the depression and anxiety for each character; I felt stomach aching pain for them both, though I had a bit more empathy for Billy.


If AAR had a Special Titles Listing for “Books with no discernible plot in which 90% of the story is basically the protagonists lusting after each other”, then The Lady Meets Her Match would most certainly be on it. This is the second book in Ms. Conkle’s series of Georgian-set historical romances which are very loosely based on classic fairy tales. I listened to and reviewed the audiobook version of the previous book Meet the Earl at Midnight, and while I wasn’t bowled over by the story, the audio had the considerable benefit of an excellent performance by narrator Marian Hussey.


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