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Where do I even start with the book? It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I read a book that has so many less-than-redeeming qualities contained within its pages that I scarcely know where to begin. That, in a nutshell, describes Avelynn, quite possibly the worst Viking romance I've ever read.


I hate to be misled on a sales blurb. Of course I expect to be told how fabulous the book is when maybe itís not so great, but Iím fine with that. What I donít expect and very much donít like is to be told the novel is about one thing only to find it is about another. This book is marketed as a psychological thriller but it doesnít conform to what I expect from that genre. Figuring out how to grade it after my expectations were so thoroughly crushed was difficult. This is the kind of book I typically donít pick to review because it is a subject matter I simply donít like, and placing it in alluring packaging doesnít change that.


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