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Iím going to admit right off the bat that Iíve only read a couple of books by Ms Laurens, and that the last one I read was such a disappointment that Iíve not read her since. Her writing style is too flowery and repetitive for my taste, and I found the characterisation severely lacking. That said, sheís an incredibly popular author and there is obviously a reason for that, so just because those books didnít work for me doesnít mean they wonít work for others. Having heard that her series of Barnaby Adair mysteries were a little different from her usual fayre, when this book came up for review, I thought Iíd give her another chance.


I went into Held Against You expecting something edgy and a little different. A tattooed bounty hunter and his murder suspect love interest sounded like they could be an interesting pair. And they were, at first, but then minor irritances grew into major headaches and the wheels started coming off of the plotting.


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