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The second book in the authorís Penniless Lords series, Marriage Made in Shame started well. I liked the two leads, the romance, while somewhat predictable, was being well set up and I was almost three-quarters of the way through the book before I even noticed, which is always a good sign. But then things went off the rails a bit; the relationship between the protagonists lost its way, the ending was rushed and Ms Jamesí prose turned rather purplish, meaning that the book was ultimately a disappointment.


Traditionally, the Happily Ever After in romance is that of my generation's favorite childhood chant. "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage."†What marriage and children over time look like is often explored either not at all or in cameos wherein lovers from past books appear and reassure us that, yes, their family life is as wonderful as their courtship. The romance genre is, after all, a subset of fiction.


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