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I think we can all agree that Romlandia abounds with rogues. Indeed, they appear nearly as plentiful as dukes. Sometimes "rogue" is code for what seems to be the Regency version of a frat boy, but in other cases, the word "rogue" seems to be code for, "The hero is a really nice guy but I have to use a descriptive word that will make you buy the book and I know 'sweetheart' just won't do it." The hero in Kelly Hunter's Pursued by the Rogue is definitely one of the latter. With some authors I might mind this, but in Hunter's case, I enjoyed the story and the writing so much that I just kept on reading.


This is the fourth book in Anna Lee Huberís series of historical mysteries featuring Lady Keira Derby and her gorgeous but enigmatic partner-in-investigation, Sebastian Gage. At the end of A Grave Matter (the previous book in this series) readers were at last treated to the thing that many of us have been waiting for since The Anatomistís Wife - namely the resolution of the slow-burn romance between the protagonists which has built gradually during the three murder investigations they have solved together. I admit that Iím here as much for the romantic angle as for the mysteries, which have been well-written and constructed, but even though I enjoyed A Study in Death, I have to admit to feeling the teeniest bit disappointed overall.


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