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In Deadly Affair, the second book in Lucinda Brantís series of Alec Halsey Mysteries, listeners are again immersed in the world of Georgian London so skilfully evoked by the author, whose love for and detailed research into the period shine through at every turn. Her descriptions of the sights, sounds Ė and smells! Ė of the homes of the rich, the back-street slums, the coffee houses; and of the silks, velvets and lace adorning the fashions of the day put the listener right into the middle of the action and make it easy to picture the locations and characters in the mindís eye.


I canít be the only one who is tired of the romanticized pirates, the Fabios of the romance novel world. Donít get me wrong, there are some absolutely wonderful pirate romances out there, and luckily, The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk is one of them. Instead of romanticizing the freedom of the wind and waves, along with the romance, the author gives us the fight for freedom, and shows us the all-too-common consequences of that fight.


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