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The Seduction of Sarah Marks is the first in a new series from this author. Itís an enjoyable read overall, though some of the plot points were overly contrived and the writing, while generally good, felt rather rough-edged and unpolished in places. But the book did hold my interest, and there were some engaging characters clearly being set up to feature in future books that I may seek out.


This is probably going to sound far harsher than I really intend, but can we call time of death on the Play by Play series? I have read all eight books in this series, in spite of not caring a wit about sports, but the last four or so were just not very good, and the latest is the worst of the series so far. The premise and characters are unrealistic. The plot is just a rehash of the last four books with different names. I managed to crawl through this one, but I canít help but think it might be time for Burton to consider starting over with a fresh idea.


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