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I hate to be misled on a sales blurb. Of course I expect to be told how fabulous the book is when maybe itís not so great, but Iím fine with that. What I donít expect and very much donít like is to be told the novel is about one thing only to find it is about another. This book is marketed as a psychological thriller but it doesnít conform to what I expect from that genre. Figuring out how to grade it after my expectations were so thoroughly crushed was difficult. This is the kind of book I typically donít pick to review because it is a subject matter I simply donít like, and placing it in alluring packaging doesnít change that.


When it was announced at last yearís RWA that Zoe Archer was going to be turning her hand to writing Regency romances under the pseudonym of Eva Leigh, I was undoubtedly one of many immediately asking ďwhen? WHEN?!Ē (and "who do I have to kill to get a copy?") I have enjoyed other books of hers, most notably her Victorian-set Nemesis Unlimited series, which featured tightly-plotted, action-packed storylines, strong, independently-minded heroines, wickedly sexy heroes and great dialogue. I started reading Forever Your Earl hoping for more of the same Ė and wasnít disappointed.


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