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Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo (or Mia, for short) has returned to keeping a diary the way she did as a girl, and itís just in time to document some new crazy episodes in her life. Her dad, the Crown Prince, is in jail; her stalker is threatening her, a family secret is coming out and, after an unexpected proposal from her high school boyfriend Michael, she has to put herself together as a royal bride.


The Immortal Heights is the final book in Sherry Thomasí YA fantasy Elemental Trilogy, and brings to a very satisfying conclusion the story of Prince Titus of the House of Elberon and Iolanthe Seabourne begun in The Burning Sky and continued in The Perilous Sea. I donít normally read Young Adult fiction, but Iím a huge fan of the authorís, so her name on the cover was enough to get me reading. And once I started, I was completely hooked, because the whole trilogy is utterly compelling and I can say without hesitation that this series surely represents a pinnacle of achievement in the genre. Itís Sherry Thomas Ė so it goes without saying that the writing is superb Ė but she has also crafted a terrific adventure story which incorporates one of the most deeply felt and beautiful romances Iíve ever read.


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