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Sometimes a book is totally working for you, and then something tanks it. Need Me could have gotten a much higher grade from me, except the middle of the book went so far off the tracks that it was irredeemable. The result was half a book I loved, and half one that I couldnít stand.


Having thoroughly enjoyed the two previous books in this series, Love and Other Scandals and It Takes a Scandal, Iíve been eagerly looking forward to this latest instalment, which features Penelope Weston and Benedict Lennox, both of whom appeared as secondary characters in the last book. While I enjoyed it very much, it didnít quite reach DIK territory for me (as the other two did), although Iím not really sure why Ė itís just as well written, it uses one of my favourite tropes (compromised-into-marriage) both central characters are well drawn and the hero is drop-dead gorgeous. There is, however, an element of the story that is unresolved at the end Ė I assume that Ms Linden will be addressing it in a future book Ė so while Penelope and Ben do get their HEA, perhaps thatís why this one missed the DIK shelf by a gnatís whisker.


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