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I remember reading the other two books in this trilogy several years ago, but for some reason hadnít read the first, Potent Pleasures, so listening to this new audiobook version seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, it proved to be a disappointing experience overall, as the story relies too heavily on the fact that the main characters just donít TALK to each other. The narration also leaves a lot to be desired, because, while thereís no doubting that Susan Duerden is a very accomplished vocal actress, some of her acting choices proved to be incredibly irritating Ė so much so that I was frequently tempted to abandon the book and listen to something else.


I loved the first book in the Hitman Novel series so much, I happily jumped into the second, Last Breath, expecting great things. Unfortunately an issue I had with the first book but was able to ignore became so extreme in the second, it pretty much took over and my enjoyment decreased exponentially.


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We have a review up today of Last Breath by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick. To see our take on the Jen Frederick/Jane Litte issue, please read our blog published earlier this month.

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