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I've read more than a few books that started off well, but floundered as I moved along. However, The Warlord's Wife follows a less common path. The first half or two-thirds of this book is painfully terrible, so awful in fact that I found myself wondering if F- might possibly be a grading option. But the second half - or at least the last quarter? Well, the ending's a little too pat, but the author really does improve things by fitting in a cracking good action story amidst the crazy romance. If I hadn't had to suffer through the rest of the book to get to it, I actually would have enjoyed that part.


I love stories like this, where the characters fall in love after the wedding and have to actually work at a relationship. There’s a sense of realism that goes hand-in-hand with that aspect of the story as the reader is shown that not everything in the garden-of-romance is rosy all the time. Although John and Mary are married when the story begins, we learn that they more or less drifted into marriage because their respective families viewed them as misfits and wanted to get them off their hands. As a result, they didn’t know each other very well when John left – and now he’s back, any memories or preconceptions that remain are quickly shown to be useless when it comes to piecing together the essense of the other person as they are now.


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