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Even if I do not always come away from a Carla Kelly book thinking it is one of the best books I have ever read, I always come away satisfied with a good story. I also have to watch myself in grading because I have read so many books by Ms. Kelly that I expect her books to be good and if they fall short in any way from some of her previous novels, I do not want to judge the book more harshly than it deserves. I hope I do this book justice. So with that being said, Softly Falling is another great story by Carla Kelly and her fans will want to pick this book up.


I like ghosts in novels. Whether they are helping the heroine solve an age old mystery or playing matchmaker to the clueless living, I think ghosts can add a lot to a tale. This story, narrated in part by a ghost and in part by a living woman, explores the connections between strangers and how someone we donít even know can be the most significant person in our lives.


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