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I’ve reviewed two other books by Ms. Parry, and her books continue to interest me; this is no exception. At its bare bones, the story seems trite: a successful woman doctor meets a star baseball player in a hospital. I thought I knew where this was going: she’s all brains, he’s all brawn, but somehow they get together. I was completely wrong. These are two complex characters with numerous issues and problems. Their mutual attraction is only part of the story.


A Good Débutante’s Guide to Ruin is the first in a new series from Sophie Jordan, and if you can get past the rather daft idea of two innocent, well-bred young ladies sneaking out to a sex club, being provided with suitably skimpy clothing by the owner/madam, and not being recognized by the male relatives they encounter there, it’s an enjoyable story which boasts plenty of sizzling chemistry between the two leads.


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