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You know what I like about Carla Kellyís books? They have real people. I donít just mean that she doesnít pull out the marquesses and dukes, although she has eschewed the nobility in the last decade. I mean her characters act and speak like actual complex human beings. They donít just shriek and sigh and stutter and stew, and generally act like exaggerated versions of their stereotypes (a double offence, if anything). They justÖare, according to their characters, and very pleasantly I might add.


Haynes newest book introduces us to Charlotte, a high school counselor and sex therapist, and Lance, the high school principal. While the role play - between boss and employee, or principal and student - that the pair engages in most of the time is steamy, overall the book doesnít make that connection with the readerís heart. I really loved the last book in this series, The Naughty Corner , but this one just didnít work for me in the same way.


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