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After hearing Dabney rave about Loreth Anne White, I knew I'd have to give her books a try. Intelligent romantic suspense is something that will make me happy anytime I can find it. With In the Waning Light, White explores the darker side of small-town life, resulting in a often unsettling book. We often speak of long-buried secrets bubbling to the surface, but in this case, the results are much more explosive. Though not perfect, most of the book worked for me, and I look forward to reading more from this author.


The Wrong Bride, the first in a new series from Gayle Callen, is one of those books thatís hard to grade. Itís well-written, the author allows time for her romance to develop and thereís a nicely sensual undercurrent to many of the interactions between the central couple; but itís the sort of book I had no problem putting down when I had to, rather than one that compelled me to keep reading and ignore everything else around me while I did.


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