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Kaya Satozuka becomes the secretary for Kyouhei Tohma, a director at Tohma Corp and a secret vampire. Kaya’s competence wins her the secretary gig, but it’s her strangely delicious blood that makes Kyouhei fixate on her. Since blood becomes more delicious when a woman is aroused (convenient!), she’s soon his lover as well as his secretary and exsanguinatee. But will the human-hating Kyouhei ever love her back? Obviously, this manga is completely crazypants. And yet I. Could. Not. Stop. Reading.


Unexpected friendships are one of the sweet surprises of life. It is always a joy when we find ourselves bridging age diversity or another difference to form an acquaintanceship with a person truly at variance from ourselves. The two main characters of this novel cross the divides of a generation gap and religion to form a wonderful friendship.


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