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As much as I enjoyed Cora Carmackís first three books, I was totally avoiding the Rusk University series. First of all, New Adult is a very hit or miss genre for me. I like Carmackís books but any others that I have read donít do it for me. They tend to employ the same storylines and devices over and over. Bad boy meets nice girl, gives her a nickname, thereís random fighting, usually over jealousy, maybe sexual abuse, bad boy is a player but falls in love with the girl. However, Carmack manages to avoid some of these and craft a story entertaining enough that I wasnít rolling my eyes at the few she used.


Sometimes, you just want to read sweet. There are wonderful, wonderful books that are epics, with dramatic storylines and dark villainy, but honestly? I get tired of it. When Iím stressed or exhausted, or have had my sisterís babies in my care for just a moment too long, I want something cute and sweet. I want fluff. And The Wrong Cowboy delivered in the best of ways - we have humor and great characters and sweetness and some absolutely wonderful UST (unresolved sexual tension) that all works out wonderfully in the end.


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