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I love flawed characters. They make a story so much more interesting. I donít know about anyone else, but I donít want to read about a perfect hero and heroine (or in this case, hero and hero.) I want the characters to be approachable, and since I am in no way perfect, I want to read about people like me. I think this is a fairly universal thing. But the problem comes in trying to make someone a flawed but likeable character - it is such a fine line to tread. I was hopeful for Home the Hard Way, but sadly it just didnít quite hit the spot.


Set in 1940, The Winter Guest is a hauntingly evocative tale of two sisters Ė twins Ė who are struggling to care for their three younger siblings in rural Poland at a time of great upheaval and uncertainty. Their father is dead, and their mother is ill in a hospital in Krakow, and the two girls, Helena and Ruth, are trying to fulfil their motherís last wish by keeping the family together and keeping them all safe. But with severe food shortages, and the ever-present threat of the encroaching German army, life is tough and getting tougher.


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