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This will probably be my swan song as a reviewer of Karen Rose novels. While I find her characters addictive, sex scenes scintillating and intricate mysteries fascinating, the over-complicated plots and sheer un-believability of the story lines often leave me frustrated. This novel was no exception.


Levi Talbot made it home from the Middle East, but his best friend Tomas Lopez didnít. Before he died, Tommy asked Levi to look out for Tommyís wife, Val, and their girls, so Levi goes home to Whispering Pines, New Mexico, to fulfill his promise. While I appreciate that Karen Templeton is out there fighting the good fight of ordinary-people stories, this particular story dragged. Add a troubled heroine who didnít seem ready for a relationship and a hero who is perhaps too ready, and I donít recommend this particular book.


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