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This is Darcie Wilde’s second book, and having seen some favourable reviews for her début, Lord of the Rakes, I was keen to give her a try. I found her writing style to be engaging and was especially pleased to discover that she has put a different spin on the well-used trope of two people who barely know each other getting married. There are plenty of marriage-of-convenience and compromised-into-marriage stories which feature a couple with little prior knowledge of each other tying the knot and then falling in love, but in The Accidental Abduction, the two central characters – Harry Rayburn and Leannah Wakefield – meet in less than auspicious circumstances, feel an incredibly strong attraction towards each other and marry on impulse, believing they can sort everything else out later.


There are some books that you finish and you just have to wait for a moment to let things sink in, or even just to decide whether or not you liked it. With a very predictable plot stemming from a very unpredictable circumstance for our heroine, I had to wait a few days to gather my thoughts before writing this review. While I can’t say The Highlander's Bride Trouble is my favorite book of the year, there was one line near the beginning that made me reconsider my original grading: “What I want to know is what sort of woman do ye plan to be? One who lives her life squeezing her eyes shut, or one who dances in the shadows simply because they are there.” (p 67)


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