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It's been a few years since I've curled up with a book by Sandra Brown. A recent sinus infection had me in need of something fast-paced and thrilling, and Mean Streak, her latest romantic suspense novel, seemed like just the thing to listen to. It definitely kept me from thinking about how bad I was feeling.


It’s been a while since I read Sarah Maclean’s Love By The Numbers trilogy, but I remember liking this – the middle book – the best out of the three. The hero is Lord Nicholas St. John, a bit of a nineteenth century Indiana Jones – an adventurer and expert in antiquities whose exploits in foreign lands have landed him in hot water on numerous occasions. Returned to England, he has been identified – much to his mortification – as London’s most eligible bachelor and is now the subject of a series of magazine articles devoted to the techniques a young lady might employ in order to “land a lord.” Partly to escape the hordes of young women batting their eyelashes at him, and partly to help the Duke of Leighton, Nick travels to Yorkshire on the trail of Leighton’s sister, who has mysteriously disappeared.


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